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General surgery unit

For the success of any hospital, a well-equipped General Surgery Unit that remains alert and active with ultramodern facilities is inevitable. Making this available is not feasible by every hospital and there are many hassles on the way. Fortunately and with our apex level of commitment, we have succeeded in availing a completely computerized and modernized General Surgery Unit in Lifeline.

The facilities which were earlier confined only to the hospitals in metropolitan cities are now made available in Lifeline and those too at most genuine rates. We want our facilities to benefit patients belonging to every economic category and hence we bring to you services at the cheapest rates possible. We specialize in both open surgery and keyhole surgery.

It's obvious that the adverse impact deposited by any surgery on human body is huge. Laparoscopy is one of those methods of treatment which keeps you safe from that. Expert doctors with the help of latest provisions of technology also safeguards patients from post-surgery issues. As magnifying cameras provides a precise and clear visual of even the minutest internal organs, there are no risks of any injuries or harms.

Bariatric surgery enables safe and permanent alleviation of obesity.

This type of surgery also avoids the issues caused by open surgery. There is minimum blood loss and you can leave hospital much sooner.

With the help of equipment like high definition image camera, high definition monitor, laparoscopic harmonic scalpel and gastroscope, surgeries can be done safely and easily.

Our general care unit deals with surgeries for different types of hernia, thyroid, salivary gland related issues, gastro intestinal tract, liver-pancreas related diseases anddifferent types of tumors.

Lifeline also has a separate Breast clinic exclusively to deal with breast related issues in women. Mammogram technique is used to identify the issues here. Along with Breast clinic, the Anesthesia department functioning entire 24 hours a day with always available nurses and doctors further strengthens the General care department of Lifeline.

Obesity is one of those adversities that may not only lead to infertility and common lifestyle diseases but even to psychological unhealthiness. This is a prominent health issue of this 21st generation man. Obesity can be defined as a situation where unnecessary fat get accumulated in the body.

Though the solutions for eliminating this issue are proper exercise and controlling the intake of food, it seldom works. Mostly people with obesity have huge craving for food and they normally fail to control this. Further it is often seen that obese people tend be more tensed about their bulkiness and continue taking food.

Along with the changes in lifestyle, excessive intake of high calorie foodstuff and lack of adequate exercise there are some other reasons which too contribute to this disaster. For certain people,obesity is hereditary. Many times people with psychological disorders are also seen to be obese.

People generally don't care much when they start gaining weight until it reaches an uncomfortable harmful level. And unfortunately, things will be out of control by that time. Little care in the initial stages could have easily avoided the situation. Obesity is a lush ground for many other diseases like blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, heart diseases, breast cancer, varicose vain, asthma etc.

Effective alleviation of obesity is a challenging task. There are many medicines for the same but it can only reduce a maximum of 5-10 kg; this may not be enough. Also overconsumption of such medicines leads to discomfort in stomach and may even be harmful to kidney.